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Cancellation on order by BUYER

Cancellation before the order is shipped.

Send us mail at

with order Id and reason for cancellation

Cancellation after the order has been shipped.

  • Once an order has been shipped , a cancellation may only be processed in the form of a return request.
  • You have until 3 days after receipt of the item to process a return request.

Cancellation on order by Seller

We know that you don't like it when your order gets cancelled! And we feel even worse about it. But sometimes sellers are NOT able to fulfil order. Occasionally this happens only when:

  • Seller/Product not available: if the seller does not confirm the order within 5 days, the order will be cancelled.A full refund will be processed.
  • Seller canclled order:Sometimes seller are unable to confirm the order maybe due to unavailability of product or damaged goods. A full refund will be processed , in this case , the seller will be charged Rs. 50 as fine.

Incase the seller gives a damaged product, the seller will be charged Rs. 200 as fine.